Who's Who: The Stellar Line-up of Speakers at Blockchain Jungle 2023

Who's Who: The Stellar Line-up of Speakers at Blockchain Jungle 2023

As Costa Rica gears up to position itself as a pioneer in sustainable blockchain technology, all eyes are on Blockchain Jungle 2023. However, what truly distinguishes this conference is its spectacular line-up of speakers. Let's delve into the intellectual powerhouses set to address this groundbreaking event.

  1. Nick Szabo - Widely recognized for his pioneering work in smart contracts and his contributions to the development of blockchain, Nick Szabo is an iconic figure in the crypto community. His insight into the intertwining of blockchain and sustainability promises to be a highlight.

  2. Perianne Boring - As the Founder and President of the Chamber of Digital Commerce, Boring's advocacy for blockchain's role in transforming global business is unparalleled. She'll delve into how emerging economies can harness this disruptive tech.

  3. Cathy Hackl - A tech futurist and leading voice in AR, VR, and blockchain, Hackl’s perspective on the convergence of tech and sustainability will surely captivate attendees.

  4. Glenda Umaña - Esteemed Costa Rican journalist and anchor, Umaña will bring a unique blend of local insight and global perspective, emphasizing Costa Rica's role in the blockchain ecosystem.

  5. Samuel Burke - The business and technology correspondent’s take on the merger of blockchain tech with green initiatives will provide actionable strategies for attendees.

  6. Paula Bogantes - As the Minister of Technology of Costa Rica, Bogantes' address will undoubtedly be pivotal. She will offer a governmental viewpoint on integrating blockchain tech into national strategies.

  7. Pedro Beirute - As the CEO of PROCOMER, Beirute's expertise on Costa Rica's external trade will shed light on blockchain's potential in bolstering international trade relationships.

And many more esteemed speakers!

Juan C. Guerrero, the Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, exclaimed, "This is where the future of blockchain meets sustainability." With such a formidable array of speakers, this isn't just a conference—it's a historic movement.

Securing sponsorship for this event is also a unique opportunity. With three tiers - Platinum, Gold, and Silver - sponsors can take center stage in this pioneering movement.

In the words of Guerrero, "We're on a mission to redefine the landscape of blockchain technology through sustainability." And with such a line-up, Blockchain Jungle 2023 promises to be more than just an event. It's a harbinger of the future.

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