Sponsorship 101: Exploring the Packages for Blockchain Jungle 2023

Sponsorship 101: Exploring the Packages for Blockchain Jungle 2023

Blockchain Jungle isn't just another tech convention; it's where sustainability interlaces with next-generation technology. As Costa Rica strides towards becoming a pivotal global blockchain hub, here's your guide to making a lasting impression as a premier sponsor. Let's uncover the perks and promises of each package:

1. Platinum Sponsorship:

  • The Pinnacle of Visibility: Your logo gets the most prominent placement across all branding materials, ensuring that your company stands tall and unmissable.
  • Exclusive Access: Get first dibs on collaborative sessions and priority invites to limited-seating discussions.
  • Featured Recognition: A dedicated mention by Juan C. Guerrero, the Chief Executive Director, during his keynote speech.
  • Cultural Immersion: First-class invites to cultural showcases, ensuring your brand resonates with Costa Rica's rich heritage.

2. Gold Sponsorship:

  • Prime Positioning: Your brand claims a favorable spot across promotional materials, capturing the essence of your support.
  • Priority Access: Get prioritized seats at workshops and main events.
  • Distinct Mention: A unique recognition during the conference's opening or closing ceremonies.
  • Heritage Exploration: Invites to cultural side-events, weaving your brand's narrative with Costa Rican tradition.

3. Silver Sponsorship:

  • Brand Exposure: Your company's logo will be displayed on select promotional materials, ensuring visibility.
  • Guaranteed Seats: Access to keynotes and main sessions, ensuring you don't miss the revolution.
  • Acknowledgment: A mention during the conference, recognizing your invaluable support.
  • Cultural Connect: An opportunity to be part of selected Costa Rican cultural experiences.

Empowering a nation through blockchain and sustainability is a mission too grand to overlook. The question isn't whether to sponsor but which tier aligns with your brand's ambition. With Blockchain Jungle 2023, you're not just sponsoring an event; you're endorsing a brighter, sustainable, blockchain-fueled future.

Request the Sponsorship Deck at: juan@blockchainjungle.com

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