Tico Haroutiounian

Tico Haroutiounian

Tico Haroutiounian is the visionary behind Tico's Wild Studio, a unique platform that stands at the intersection of art, adventure, and conservation. With a deep passion for the natural world, Tico's artistic endeavors unveil the hidden beauty of animal life, making aspects otherwise inaccessible to humans come alive through his work.

His studio, based in the biodiverse haven of Costa Rica, particularly emphasizes the conservation of jaguars. The jaguar, America's largest wildcat, plays a pivotal role in the ecosystem as an APEX predator. However, over the years, their numbers have dwindled due to various factors, including poaching and habitat loss. Tico's Wild Studio is dedicated to the conservation of these majestic creatures, emphasizing the importance of creating biological corridors between protected areas to ensure their survival.

Tico's commitment to conservation is evident in his projects, such as The Jaguar's Track project, which focuses on jaguar conservation. He believes that art has the transformative power to change human behavior and raise awareness about pressing conservation issues.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Tico will share insights into the intersection of art, technology, and conservation, emphasizing the role of blockchain in fostering sustainable practices in the realm of wildlife conservation.

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