Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke

Samuel Burke is a highly respected business and technology correspondent, known for his work on CNN International and CNN en Español. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Burke's multicultural background and fluency in Spanish have enriched his journalistic perspective and enabled him to connect with diverse audiences.

Burke's career is characterized by his in-depth understanding of technology and business, his ability to communicate complex concepts with clarity, and his commitment to journalistic integrity. He has served as a digital producer for Christiane Amanpour, anchored various programs on CNN en Español, and contributed insightful articles on international affairs for

In 2021, Burke embarked on a personal and professional journey with the CNN series "Suddenly Family - DNA Discoveries with Samuel Burke," exploring the profound impact of at-home DNA testing on individuals and families. This venture was inspired by his own DNA test revelation, adding a deeply personal dimension to his work.

Burke's contributions to journalism have been recognized with several awards, including an Outstanding Entertainment Program Emmy Award for his technology reports on CLIX and a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Morning Program for his role in Café CNN.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Burke will share his insights into the intersection of blockchain technology, sustainability, and global business trends. His expertise and unique perspective promise to enrich the conference's discourse and inspire attendees.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from Samuel Burke, a distinguished journalist with a deep understanding of the technological landscape. Join us at Blockchain Jungle 2023 and prepare to be enlightened by Burke's insightful analysis and forward-thinking perspectives.

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