Pedro Beirute

Pedro Beirute

Pedro Beirute is a distinguished figure in the world of international trade and commerce. As the CEO of PROCOMER (Promotora de Comercio Exterior de Costa Rica), he has been instrumental in promoting Costa Rica's trade relations and fostering economic development.

Beirute's contributions to Costa Rica's economic landscape are significant. Under his leadership, PROCOMER has played a crucial role in facilitating international trade, promoting Costa Rican exports, and attracting foreign investment. His work has helped position Costa Rica as a competitive player in the global market.

In addition to his role as CEO of PROCOMER, Beirute has a rich background in business administration and international trade. He holds a degree in Business Administration and a Master's degree in Project Management, and has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. His unique blend of business acumen and policy-making experience allows him to offer a nuanced perspective on the interplay between trade, technology, and sustainability.

Beirute is also a respected thought leader and advocate for sustainable trade practices. He regularly shares his insights on the future of international trade, the importance of sustainability in business, and the potential of technology to drive economic development. His views have helped shape the conversation around the role of trade in Costa Rica's sustainable future.

Today, Beirute is recognized as one of the most influential figures in Costa Rica's trade sector. His visionary leadership, commitment to sustainability, and dedication to economic development continue to inspire and guide the country's trade policies. At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Beirute will share his expert knowledge, explore the potential of sustainable blockchain technology in trade, and guide us towards a greener future in the global economy.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this influential figure in the world of international trade and sustainability. Join us at Blockchain Jungle 2023 and get ready to be inspired by Pedro Beirute's insightful perspectives and commitment to sustainable economic development.

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