Jose Zamora

Jose Zamora

José Miguel Zamora is a distinguished figure in the blockchain and legal sectors. As a seasoned lawyer, co-founder, and partner at Lighthouse Legal, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the intersection of law and technology. His expertise lies in providing legal advice to companies in the technology sector, with a particular focus on blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Zamora's dedication to the blockchain industry extends beyond his legal practice. He serves as the Secretary of the Blockchain Association of Costa Rica, a non-profit organization committed to promoting the responsible and ethical adoption of blockchain technologies. His role in the Association involves active participation in national and international forums, coordinating with tech organizations, businesses, and users to promote the adoption of blockchain technology.

His commitment to the blockchain community is evident in his work at Lighthouse Legal, where he provides legal services to companies in the technology sector, including those working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. His expertise in legal matters related to blockchain technology makes him a valuable asset to the industry.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Zamora will share his insights on the legal aspects of blockchain technology, providing a unique perspective on the interplay between law, technology, and sustainability. His expertise in both the legal and blockchain fields will offer attendees a comprehensive understanding of the legal considerations and implications of blockchain technology.

Don't miss the opportunity to learn from this accomplished legal expert and blockchain advocate. Join us at Blockchain Jungle 2023 and get ready to be enlightened by José Miguel Zamora's insightful perspectives and deep understanding of the legal landscape of blockchain technology.

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