Johana Obando

Johana Obando

Johana Obando Bonilla is a prominent figure in the realm of sustainable technology and policy-making in Costa Rica. As a dedicated Congresswoman representing the Partido Liberal Progresista, she has consistently advocated for the harmonious integration of technology with sustainable practices, ensuring that Costa Rica remains at the forefront of eco-friendly initiatives.

Johana's educational journey, which spans law and systems engineering, has equipped her with a unique blend of legal expertise and technological insight. Before stepping into the political arena, she showcased her versatility through roles in legal consultancy, software quality analysis, and entrepreneurial ventures, particularly in the areas of Software Services and women's training services.

In the Legislative Assembly, Johana has been a driving force behind numerous projects, ranging from democratizing internet access to regulating digital violence and promoting prenatal care. Her involvement in commissions related to Social Affairs, Women, Youth, Childhood, and Adolescence underscores her commitment to social reforms and technological democratization.

Johana's vision extends beyond the confines of the Assembly. She perceives technology, especially blockchain, as a transformative tool that can reshape nations, fostering sustainable development while preserving cultural and environmental heritage. Her belief in the potential of blockchain technology as a catalyst for sustainable change is evident in her advocacy and legislative initiatives.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Johana Obando Bonilla will share her insights into the intersection of policy, technology, and sustainability. Drawing from her vast experience in policy-making and technological innovation, she will offer a unique perspective on how nations can harness the power of blockchain for a greener future.

Join us at Blockchain Jungle 2023 and immerse yourself in the visionary ideas of Johana Obando Bonilla, a leader who is redefining the landscape of sustainable technology and policy in Costa Rica.

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