Gonzalo Chacón

Gonzalo Chacón

Gonzalo Chacón is a key figure in the blockchain community of Costa Rica. He holds an MBA in Finance and is a Certified Blockchain Project Manager. He is currently serving as the Prosecutor for the Blockchain Association of Costa Rica, a non-profit organization committed to fostering innovation, collaboration, and social impact through blockchain technology.

In his role, Chacón is actively involved in promoting the responsible and ethical adoption of blockchain technology in Costa Rica. He is also part of the team working towards organizing an innovative and impactful international blockchain conference, demonstrating his commitment to advancing the blockchain ecosystem in the country.

Chacón's expertise in finance and project management, combined with his deep understanding of blockchain technology, makes him a valuable contributor to the blockchain community. His work is instrumental in driving the adoption of blockchain technology in Costa Rica and shaping the country's digital future.

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