Glenda Umaña

Glenda Umaña

Glenda Umaña is a distinguished journalist and television presenter, celebrated across Latin America for her significant contributions to CNN en Español. With a career spanning over three decades, Umaña has been at the forefront of major global events, providing insightful coverage and analysis. Her journalistic journey began in Costa Rica, where she worked on the country's first English-language news program and later became a prominent figure on the nation's most-watched news program.

Umaña's work extends beyond the newsroom, as she is frequently invited to events as a speaker, presenter, and moderator. Her broad experience and deep understanding of global and Latin American issues make her a respected voice in the field. Umaña's commitment to journalism and her ability to connect with audiences have earned her a place among the most recognized and valued Latin American journalists.

At CNN en Español, Umaña showcased her versatility as a journalist, serving as a reporter, presenter, and host of various programs. She was part of the inaugural team of journalists that launched the news network in 1997. Throughout her tenure, she covered significant events, interviewed world leaders, and brought critical issues to the forefront.

Today, Umaña continues to inspire with her dedication to journalism and her passion for storytelling. At Blockchain Jungle 2023, she will bring her wealth of experience, insightful perspectives, and dynamic moderating skills to the stage. Don't miss the opportunity to witness Glenda Umaña in action, as she navigates the complex world of blockchain and sustainability.

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