Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Keynote Speaker, Tech Futurist & VR/AR Expert

Cathy Hackl is a distinguished executive in the realm of future technologies, boasting extensive knowledge on the Metaverse, Web3, and other emerging tech trends. Her work history includes fruitful collaborations with tech titans like Amazon Web Services, Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE, where she championed the female voice in the expansive world of the Metaverse. Her strategic insights on the metaverse earned her a spot on the inaugural Vogue Business 100 Innovators List, particularly for her innovative contributions to high fashion and luxury brands.

Presently, Hackl holds the pioneering position of Chief Metaverse Officer at Journey, leading the charge into the future of tech while working alongside globally recognized brands on Metaverse and Web3 strategies, NFTs, gaming, virtual fashion, spatial computing, and virtual space expansion. Her notable clientele comprises industry leaders like Walmart, Ralph Lauren, Nike, Clinique, and Louis Vuitton.

As a prolific author, Hackl has penned four books, with three of them delving into the Metaverse theme. Her latest literary work, "Into the Metaverse: The Essential Guide to the Business Opportunities of the Web3 Era," was unveiled at the annual World Economic Forum event in Davos. A globally recognized speaker on the Metaverse, Hackl's expertise has graced platforms like 60 Minutes, CNBC’s Squawk Box, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox Business, Wall Street Journal, Vogue, GQ, and Time among others.

Dubbed as a force of nature representing diversity, Hackl stands out as one of the most prominent female voices in the tech world. Also known as the "Godmother of the Metaverse," she hosts the award-winning Adweek podcast "Metaverse Marketing." In 2020, BigThink recognized her as one of the Top 10 most influential women in the Tech industry, and in 2021, she was featured on the prestigious Thinkers50 list among the 30 best leaders shaping the future organizational leadership framework.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, Cathy Hackl will share her visionary insights, delving into the convergence of blockchain with the Metaverse, Web3, and other forefront technologies. Her session will provide a glimpse into how brands can navigate and expand in virtual realms, opening a dialogue on the myriad business opportunities awaiting in the Web3 era. Don’t miss the chance to learn from the vanguard of Metaverse and Web3 technologies, as we explore the sustainable digital frontier.

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