Carlos Pineda

Carlos Pineda

Carlos Pineda stands as a beacon of innovation, blending the worlds of sports and technology with unrivaled passion. Recognized as the Founder and CEO of ST37, an AI-powered video analysis platform, Carlos showcases his expertise not just as a trailblazing tech entrepreneur but also as a two-time pre-Olympic athlete in fencing. His journey, starting from the fencing arenas of over 20 countries to leading one of the most innovative tech startups, is a testament to his versatility and dedication.

From an early age, Pineda understood the value of fairness in sports. This insight, combined with his extensive academic background spanning engineering, telecommunications, computer science, and business administration, positioned him perfectly to address the challenges of sports refereeing. The outcome? The creation of one of the first FIE-certified video refereeing systems.

Beyond sports, Carlos's vision with ST37 is broad and transformative. He aims to democratize the use of AI, providing real-time, intelligent video analysis across various sectors, from enhancing athletic performances to risk mitigation on industrial sites. As ST37's CEO, Carlos is not just an executive but a driving force behind research, development, and innovation, holding a central role in the company's international patent endeavors.

At Blockchain Jungle 2023, witness Carlos Pineda delve into the convergence of sport, technology, and blockchain, offering fresh perspectives on how AI can shape the future of industries far and wide.

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