Blockchain Jungle 2023 Joins Forces with Todayq News: A Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

Blockchain Jungle 2023 Joins Forces with Todayq News: A Partnership for a Greener Tomorrow

We are elated to announce that Blockchain Jungle 2023 has partnered with Todayq News, marking a significant stride towards our mission of positioning Costa Rica as a linchpin in the global blockchain arena. Todayq News, a reputable crypto news platform, now stands as our official media partner, a collaboration that's bound to propel our shared vision of blending sustainability with blockchain technology.

Todayq News, a subsidiary of Todayq founded in 2017, has established itself as a nexus for crypto traders and analysts around the globe. Their commitment to delivering curated crypto news makes them an ideal partner for Blockchain Jungle 2023. This partnership aims to echo our initiative far and wide, igniting discourse on sustainable blockchain solutions amongst a global audience.

Juan C. Guerrero, the Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, opines, "This partnership with Todayq News isn’t just a media collaboration. It’s a coalition for a greener future in the blockchain domain. Together, we're not only amplifying the reach of Blockchain Jungle 2023 but also nurturing a dialogue that’s crucial for the fusion of blockchain and sustainability."

As we inch closer to our much-anticipated event on November 16th at the Convention Center, San José, Costa Rica, the synergy between Blockchain Jungle 2023 and Todayq News is anticipated to create ripples in the blockchain sector. The conference, which boasts a line-up of illustrious speakers and over 30+ industry leaders, is where the future of blockchain and sustainability converge.

Todayq News' partnership amplifies our message, transcending borders to rally like-minded innovators, policymakers, and industry mavens. This alliance is not merely a testament to Blockchain Jungle 2023’s growing influence but also a step towards a future where blockchain technology is synonymous with eco-consciousness.

Together with Todayq News, we’re not just orchestrating a conference; we’re orchestrating a movement. A movement that underscores Costa Rica’s pledge to sustainability, while navigating the uncharted terrains of blockchain technology. Blockchain Jungle 2023 is where the narrative of sustainable blockchain technology is not only discussed but also celebrated.

Join us, as we, along with Todayq News, endeavor to redefine the contours of blockchain technology through the lens of sustainability, making strides towards a greener tomorrow. Explore more about this partnership and our conference on our announcements blog at

Here's to forging a sustainable path in the blockchain wilderness, hand in hand with Todayq News!

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