Announcement: Venus Protocol Joins Blockchain Jungle 2023 as a Pioneering Partner!

Announcement: Venus Protocol Joins Blockchain Jungle 2023 as a Pioneering Partner!

Blockchain Jungle is honored to announce our collaboration with Venus Protocol, one of the leading decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms in the world. This partnership represents our shared commitment to promoting sustainable blockchain innovation on a global scale.

A DeFi Dynamo Steps into the Jungle
Just two years ago, Venus Protocol burst onto the scene, offering a groundbreaking decentralized lending and borrowing platform on BNB Chain. Combining best-in-class features from giants like MakerDAO and Compound, Venus has continually redefined user experience and functionality in the DeFi space. Their unique synthetic stablecoin, VAI, has already made waves in the blockchain community. With the recent launch of Venus V4, they've yet again proven their commitment to risk management, decentralization, and unparalleled user experience.

Why Venus and Blockchain Jungle?
Blockchain Jungle's 2023 vision is to position Costa Rica as a pioneer in sustainable blockchain technology. As we strive to shape the future of blockchain through a lens of eco-consciousness and innovation, Venus Protocol emerges as the ideal partner. Their transparency, rigorous audits, and focus on perpetual growth align perfectly with our mission.

Hear it from the Best
We're thrilled to have Brad Harrison, the CEO of Venus, grace our stage at Blockchain Jungle 2023. As a visionary leader in the DeFi sector, Brad will share insights on Venus's journey, their innovations, and their vision for the future of sustainable blockchain.

A Beacon for the Future
In the words of Juan C. Guerrero, Chief Executive Director of Blockchain Jungle, "Blockchain Jungle is where the future of blockchain meets sustainability." With Venus Protocol by our side, we're not just hosting a conference; we're pioneering a movement.

Join Us in the Revolution
As we gear up for Blockchain Jungle 2023, we invite the global community to experience this fusion of technology, sustainability, and Costa Rican culture. Together with Venus Protocol and our esteemed speakers, we're sowing the seeds for a transformative, green future in the blockchain industry.

For more details on our event and how to be a part of this revolution, visit our official website:

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